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Tweet Saturday was not the day I expected.  Abby unexpectedly visited the city with her friend.  Julian unexpectedly spent all day asleep. Frankly, I was at a bit of a loss.  There was so much that could be done – a kitchen table to clear of wool, the last of the Christmas decorations to put [...]

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Tweet There you go – last week I thought it was the 44th week of this fine year – alas, I was a week behind myself.  So here we are, seven days later and yet an extra week ahead. Never mind, it’s almost the end of the year.  And I have only one exam left. [...]

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Tweet This afternoon was the perfect time and perfect weather to head out into the garden, quilt tucked under my arm, to stitch in some ends.  And there were a few.  When I began quilting this sweet quilt, the top thread kept breaking.  Initially there was a hmph!  I rethreaded the machine and took off [...]



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Tweet Oh I love vintage blankets.  Look at that colour and texture … just sings of warmth and comfort and homeliness, doesn’t it.  In that warp and weft are held the stories of Australian farmers and shearers, of local woollen mills and their talented weavers, of a time when small country towns produced their own [...]

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Tweet Goodness, but the weather has been wet and blustery the last few days.  Such a good thing then that this marvellously warm and snuggly quilt was started and finished in record time! I bought the flannel fabric – well, the yellow, white and orange floral and the wee purple, green and orange cowboys and [...]

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Tweet Remember the May Gibbs fabric?  I made pillowcases and laundry bags, fat quarters and goodies were posted to a lovely reader, and I even tried putting together a block that by the end of the evening I hated. Then the moomin quilt didn’t fit the blue and cream checked vintage blanket – entirely my [...]

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Tweet Done!  After a “bit brisk” start to the morning … bit brisk is how my Grandad describes cold weather – you know, frost on the grass, the temperature gauge has almost hit zero and he goes out to feed the chickens and ducks in his shorts, a short sleeved shirt, work boots and the vest [...]

4 inches of floral


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Tweet There have been so many photos taken of these four inch squares of floral.  Each time I work with them, the richness of the colours and many different patterns so delight me I cannot stop at just one photo. Mum and I bought the fabrics with our Christmas money from Old Nanny days after [...]

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Tweet My extra simple, sweetwater quilt was indeed finished off with the contrasting binding slip stitched into place last Friday eve.  Bliss! I’m so pleased with the tying.  You can sort of see here how I made simple crosses before tying the thread off – double cross stitches and three layered knots. I’m especially pleased [...]