trying something different

I’ve been piecing pinwheels – and lamenting at how bulky they were at their middle point.  Then!  Along came American Patchwork and Quilting (courtesy of dear Amy) which lo and behold, asked a bevy of patchwork experts whether they pressed the seam to the side – as I was taught 15 years ago – or open – as I was itching to do with my pinwheels.  And what was the overhwelming response – open.  Especially when sewing triangles.  The only person that insisted on pressed to one side did so because of wanting to quilt in the ditch – which I don’t do anyway.

I gleefully took to my bumpy pinwheels with the iron …

and what a result!  So flat! So smooth!  Mmmmmm…..

I’ve also tried pinning differently – instead of pinning from the top edge of the seam in, I have been pinning parallel with the seam edge but in quite a bit so that the pins don’t interfere with my new 1/4 inch foot that has a nice and helpful guide on the edge.  

And I like it.  Isn’t change refreshing and thrilling. :-)

p.s. this is a sneak peek at the yellow and white quilt.  It’s coming along very yellowy-whitey.

4 thoughts on “trying something different

  1. For years I’ve been pressing to one side…and just in the last 6 months I’ve tried pressing open on triangle blocks and pinwheels just like you…I find it is much more accurate.

  2. I LOVE finding new ways for old problems. Kind of makes a process fresh and new and appealing. I only press open when I’m really trying to reduce bulk. Otherwise I find that my seams start splitting open with handling and pinning. Harumph. Yellow and white sounds very calming.

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