It’s Michaelmas on Thursday … we’ve been preparing for weeks – and today, curled up on the sofa with the girlie, I finished stitching our Michaelmas banner to hang before the fireplace.

I’ve used Amanda’s recipe from Handmade Home – this technique with vintage blanket scraps really sings to me and we have several now around our home.  The spring flowers banner has hung all year across the windows in front of me.  Our nourish banner brightens the kitchen and Abby’s comfort banner adorns her bed.  Then there’s the birthday bunting, christmas bunting, halloween bunting … I love decorating our home for the seasons.

Actually, as I typed the above sentence, I couldn’t remember what her word was, so just asked Abby and she replied instantly, “Comfort, mum” as she continued to cut out her new feltie doll’s hair.  Mayhaps she looks at it each night as she goes to sleep and stills feels the love of her muma who stitched it for her and  who wishes no more than to provide comfort and love for her girlie.

And now there will be a Michaelmas banner.  An awkward festival to celebrate in the southern hemisphere – after all – it is not autumn here!  But I do feel, especially this year after weeks of thought and talk with Abby and Julian, that Michael’s reminder to search inside of ourselves, to find our internal strengths, to focus on improving ourselves instead of indulging in the material world – is so very relevant as we draw nearer to the festive season.

But more on that later.   There’s Michaelmas stitching still to be done!

tuesday stitching for michaelmas …

3 thoughts on “tuesday stitching for michaelmas …

  • September 28, 2011 at 12:38 am

    Well, you’ve done it again! A simply adorable project! I often wonder about you guys in the southern hemisphere- do your images of Santa include snow and snowmen- or do your little ones grow up with images of Santa on the beach?

  • September 29, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    i’m not at all familiar with Michaelmas. though my family used to make a big deal for St. Patrick’s day.

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