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(photos courtesy of my dear Abby)

Ooooooh!  It is so chilly here today.  Strong, gusty winds roaring up the bay from the Antarctic and squally rain.  It’s been building up to this all week – my first week of nursing placement.

Each morning, I slide out of bed at 4.50am, quickly wriggle into my uniform, eat breakfast, feed and water the chooks (in the pitch dark – feels so good when one of my gumboots has caught the overnight rain and I pop my stockinged foot into a puddle of water), gather my thoughts and belongings for the day and by 5.45am I’m standing in the dark at the tram stop.  Thank goodness it’s right at our door.

It’s almost an hour’s journey into town, another tram ride down the hill, and then a trudge up another hill to the hospital but I make sure to pack my needles and a keep-cup of milky tea.

And this week – I’ve knitted a lovely thick, full tam.  Mmmmm …. keeps my ears so nice and warm.  Will be lovely in the dark of tomorrow morning to pull it down snuggly as I head out the door.  It was a wonderful knit – a free pattern  - the Columbia Beret – from Sarah Pope over at ravelry.  A talented knitter indeed!  I adore the way the decreases swirl in to the centre – and the little red tie – that is how you finish it off – 6 stitches on the remaining two dpn – about 16 rows of garter stitch on each – and then tie it off.  So sweet.  I knitted the large – I have a large and nervous head – but would knit the medium next time.  Mum wants one in charcoal – so I’ll knit you the medium mum!

The wool is left over Cocoon (from my fair isle tunic – coming tomorrow!) by Rowan.  I bought it at Wondoflex when mum was here – they had bought it in at a marvellous price so I bought all 9 skeins they had of this light bluey grey.  It’s 80%  merino, 20% kid mohair and feels positively buttery.  Delicious!  The red is, of course, more of the left over Malabrigo from last year’s jumper.  It does get around :-)

Now, I’m quite dusty from cleaning out the chicken coop – they, however, are warm and snuggly in lovely fresh, sweet smelling straw – so I’m heading off to the shower.

Ugh!  Just think – in less than 12 hours I’ll be up again.   Precious, I know!


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