Phillip Island … bird watching … picnicking … drawing …
comic writing … strolling … exploring …
delighting in the notion that when we stop and really look,
there’s so much more there then we’ve ever before realised.

everywhere in twos

cape barren geese – these are the sweeties that drew us here
Abby met them on school camp

cows on hillcows


Kitty Miller Bay
wild surf, jagged rocks, a gentle lagoon, the perfect picnic spot
and cows – don’t forget the cows

bags picnicking soudough and pate

plenty of supplies
drawing books, bird book, binoculars, camera
salami, pate, sourdough and chocolate

our friend the raven

we made a new friend –¬†Raven
he was very fond of us … stayed the whole afternoon
insisted on trying to knit, enjoyed a cup of tea, and was very excited by the tissue box

drawing her story abby's raven storyAbby was smitten
filling page after page,
insisting on calling him crow
because the Japanese word for crow is so cool

checking out the herons

though she was happy to down pencil for binoculars
so as to help her mama work out what the birds on the far rocks were …
“yep … they’re birds”

hooded ploversthere were wee hooded plovers boinging up and down the shoreline,
sooty oyster catchers dipping their toes in the little waves,
& white faced herons strutting across the far out rocks

spur winged lapwing cape barren goose dusky moorhen

spur winged lapwings hanging out with cows,
more pairs of Cape Barren geese everywhere we looked
– have they not the sweetest faces you’ve every seen on a goose,
& gorgeous jewelled chested dusky moorhens.

walking rising up out of the grass

we took a walk through the mangroves of Rhylls Inlet
where wallabies thickened fields
that were used a decade ago to breed the CPGs
who were almost extinct – very successful breeding program

acrobat in the mangroves

we could hear the birds here
but could nary see but one tiny, shimmering Superb Fairy Wren

sun across the inlet

golden water so peacefulAnd then the light grew so rich and beautiful …
before vanishing and leaving us in the dark

Time to go home.


weekending with the birds

3 thoughts on “weekending with the birds

  • May 26, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Oh Lily I just caught up on the Blue Cross quilt blog – I can relate to that. At the moment searching the house for a small stitchery picture I bought back from China last year – I am sure it will turn up somewhere. By the way Phillip Is. is just beautiful – certainly no place like Australia.

  • May 26, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    What a beautiful place to spend the day. I’m sure I would have enjoyed your picnic too. Lovely photos of birds that differ from what we see in NZ.

  • May 26, 2013 at 11:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful birding expedition. I have two birding friends, and thoroughly enjoy outings with them. They are so quick to see the winged creatures and I love the naming of the birds. We also had a fascinating lecturer in guild last month. Her raven and crow quilts are breathtaking. Here’s a hyperlink to her blog: Unfortunately, there are only 2 pictures of these marvelous bird quilts. She had several more with her. I hope you enjoy them.

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