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There was the sudden urge for a little bit of dresden late this afternoon.

I let the chickens out for a forage, gathered some favourites from the sewing shed and whilst Abby described her preference for only drawing one eye – thus, the reason many of her characters either wear their fringe over one eye, wear an eyepatch, or have dots for eyes – I whisked 20 little 4.5 inch wedges through the sewing machine.  Gave them a bash with the iron.  Onto some vlisifix.  Cut them out – this was truly the most time consuming part of the project.  And onto my ancient old, worn til it’s soft and velvety denim skirt.

So incredibly satisfying I don’t think I even need dinner now!  Instead I shall go back to my sock knitting.  I’m desperate to get the stripey socks off the needles so that I can make a red pair – with folded over picot cuffs – to wear with my dresden-y skirt and tights.

Mmm … and then I’ll need some lovely shiny black Mary Janes.

… and a knitted vest – navy, with red bands.

… and maybe a knitted beret.

… must knit faster.

… and I should probably applique this wee plate into place with some thread or else I’ll be too scared to wash it!


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