… sorry the blog hasn’t been working properly the last few days … wordpress had changed things … & I hadn’t upgraded … Abby worked it out … Julian fixed it … & hopefully all is fine now :-) …

I know … it is supposed to be my quiet, much anticipated day.  And nothing awful happened. Nothing awful has happened all week.  I just feel a bit wobbly.  Bit prone to self pity.  A few tears.  That terrible introspection where I sit and dissect everything I’ve done for a week and found myself wanting.  Thankfully, the weather was tremendously cooler today , so I curled up on the sofa.  I watched several episodes of Great Ormond Street Hospital (so inspiring) and Midsomer Murders ( I want to live in one of those villages).  And knitted … knitted …. knitted … and just about finished Abby’s owls.  Only have to graft the armholes (that’s what that wee bit of thread is you can see hanging under Abby’s arm!), weave in the few ends and then give it a little wash and blocking.

she doesn't want the yes

This is quite awesome.  Tomorrow it will be two weeks since I bought the yarn and cast on.  That’s a record for me.  Started and finished in two weeks.  And I cabled.  Now, I have cabled before – many years ago, on a pair of arm warmers for Abby – but I was a bit nervous about it.  No probs.  Does cabling make you nervous?  It’s not at all bad – I didn’t even have a cable needle – I just used one of the circular needle ends – you know, the needly bit that screws on to the cable – and it worked just fine. Getting the sleeves lined up with the body of the jumper – now that had me fumbling for almost an hour.  Nothing wrong with any of the knitted pieces or the instructions – I was just fumbly and awkward.  Must be the wobbliness.

with macine

And the girlie loves it.  Julian is in awe (and wondering why his cardigan hasn’t been finished with the same enthusiasm).  But Abby won’t let me put the buttons/beads on for the eyes.  Hmph!  Now folks won’t know that’s what those pretty cables are – owls.  But I guess what other folks think about Abby’s new jumper is neither here nor there, is it.  What other folks SHOULD know is that Kate Davies is an awesome knitwear designer – she’s my favouritest of favourites ever.  This is my fourth Kate knit – her patterns are brilliant, they are wonderful to follow, and her knitted goodies are a complete pleasure to knit and wear.  If you haven’t yet tried one of her patterns out, rush over to here and choose one.  Abby’s already chosen her next – the Warriston sweater – and I’m mad keen to get started.  All I need Kate to do now is knit her Tom a sweater and then all three of us Boots can go out in our “Kate Davies”!!  Oh I am such a geek!

abbys owls

Oh, and the sideboard’s in.  Looking spiffy and very useful.  Here’s a wee glimpse of what it’s up to.  When the handles are on (j-u-l-i-a-n!) I’ll take some more photos.  We’re now thinking that when we have our own home, we shall have a free standing kitchen full of gently restored old sideboards instead of newly bought pieces.  Just one modern piece for the sink.  Mmmmmm … there are more sideboards out there for me yet :-)

sideboard is in

Now, I shall finish my water and hop along to bed.  Tomorrow begins a new adventure for me … volunteering/learning to garden at Ceres, the wonderful community market garden in north Melbourne.  I’m so looking forward to it.  Another step towards our little place in the country.

Wobbliness be gone! Oh – and I’ll take much nicer photos of the Owls Jumper tomorrow – outdoors with light – ’cause it really is a MUCH nicer colour in real life than it looks here :-)


wobbly thursday
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6 thoughts on “wobbly thursday

  • March 15, 2013 at 1:21 am

    I love that sweater you want to do! However, I have a feeling it would just draw everyone’s eyes to my hips – the biggest part of my body. It will look fabulous on you skinny people.

    I still want to do the sheep hat.

    • March 16, 2013 at 3:07 am

      I’ve had a few of those wobbly moments too Lily……..I think us women are slaves to our hormones at times………hope the wobbles soon melted away.

      The owl sweater is lovely……lucky daughter.

  • March 15, 2013 at 4:21 am

    Okay, Lily. Let me get this straight…you want to live in one of those villages….where the MURDERS happen on a regular basis?!
    If they were just maimings or something, then maybe your nursing skills would come in handy. Or even the village in “Midwives”—that would be right up your alley! But….MURDER?!
    Let’s think on this a little more before we up and move, shall we?!
    At least you keep me laughing!

  • March 15, 2013 at 8:31 am

    Abby’s jumper is lovely and made in 2 weeks, awesome, well done with a guest in the house as well ! can’t wait to see the true colour.It will be interesting to see how many people “get” what it is, or ask her if it is owls.
    Sorry you have “the collywobbles”… a bit more rest, more water, some vitamin C and some dancing with the girls, to get the blood pumping and you will be all good again : )

  • March 15, 2013 at 9:07 am

    The sweater looks great and I love the colour on Abby. You are a wiz!

    Get your dancing shoes on girl! Xx

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