The kitchen just seems to be where we are this week.  On these last few mornings of the summer holidays, I’ve loved sitting in this happy room, with yarn, fleece, the teapot and Radio National by my side whilst waiting for the girlie to wake up.

And this being the New Year and all, there have been a few … not really resolutions, but determinations to shake things up a bit around here.  This is my fourth year in Melbourne – oy! – and whilst I have made marvellous headway with my degree and future career, I’ve not made any progress on finding my niche in a community sense.  I’ve joined nothing.  Taken part in nothing.  Met no one.  And frankly, it’s quite lonely.  I’ve always thought of myself as a real homebody, happy with the company of my close family.  The last three years has taught me, I clearly did a lot more than just hang out with Abby and Julian in Brisbane.  Dearly as I love them, I need something extra on the side.

Now, those young ‘uns I study with are mostly a lovely group and I’ve spent many pleasant hours in their company.  But they are at a completely different time in their lives – just out of school, footloose and fancy free. When we finish a gruelling shift at the Mental Health Unit, my idea of unwinding is a steaming pot of tea, some knitting, and another episode of Upstairs Downstairs – they cheerfully walk 7 blocks in the rain to spend the rest of the evening in a funky bar.  I think they’re lovely but mad.  They think I’m pleasantly eccentric.

So this week I’ve started putting myself out there a bit – first stop – the Spinners and Weavers Guild.  I now have a new ankle joint for my wheel, a lovely new Romney fleece specially picked out for me, a new carding technique – we’re flicking now folks, not rolagging – a new place to visit each week, and three classes lined up – beginners’ spinning (a 5 week burst starting in April), beginners’ dyeing (held once a month) and a special one off class in Tapestry (the last weekend in March) – the kind you do with beautiful wooden bobbins.  And after a few hours spent at the Guild on Tuesday, I am quietly confident that good fun shall be had.

I’ve also applied to do some volunteer work with groups I greatly admire – a Palliative Care for Children organisation (a branch of nursing I’m very interested in pursuing on a professional and academic level) and a community garden.  Hopefully it will all fit in nicely.

Today – I finally finished spinning two bobbins of yarn and this afternoon – squashed in before Abby’s back to school dinner – I PLIED them.  It is the wonkiest yarn :-)  The first bobbin was filled last April/May when long lumpy bits were the go.  The second bobbin was filled over the last two days, when I’m finally getting the hang of creating reasonably even yarn.  Plied together, it is quaint … but yarn nonetheless!

I rescued my old Niddy Noddy from Mum’s garage whilst we were holidaying.  Yes, I’ve been down this spinning path before – years ago, before we even had Abby – but never got to the Niddy Noddy stage.  With the Niddy Noddy was a Lazy Kate replete with bobbins, each encrusted with moth eaten blobs of lanolin-hardened yarn – that’s been disposed of and the bobbins have been washed and are awaiting that Romney.

But first, I have a date with the bathtub and some lovely wool wash because there’s some yarn that needs its ply set.


wonky but a bit good too

3 thoughts on “wonky but a bit good too

  • January 31, 2013 at 6:59 am

    Brava ! I went to a lecture onAnthroposophy once… when i was a young thing straight out of school. It didn’t make much sense at the time but one thing stuck, that you should try to balance your life, activities and skill sets…the physical and mental, the social with the solitary, and not shy away from the thing that seems too hard or difficult. The thing that seems too hard is perhaps the thing that i need to do to achieve some balance in myself. It is far easier for me to scuttle home to my family and sewing.That thought gets me out the door, to yoga and the gym, to volunteer, to go to the pub with the young things sometimes, even to build Lego with my son.Your yarn looks fabulous, i can’t wait to see what it becomes.You have made me reflect on what seems too hard at the moment and what that says i have to be doing: being more tidy and standing up for myself a bit more seems to be in order… there’s always something, hey? I will do some strength building sewing as i gather myself to the challenge… Have a great day, thanks for making me think about my frantic existence.

  • January 31, 2013 at 9:36 am

    Hi Lily,
    What an inspiring post. I love that wool. I too want to try my hand at spinning this year. When we were on our farm and wool was plentiful I did a bit of spinning. I was self taught and as a result it never really amounted to much but I always did find it a lovely pastime to sit and spin by the fire. I am now wanting to learn this skill properly so will join the local spinner’s group this year. I’m a bit of a ditherer at times so I need to keep focused on achieving otherwise I just stand still with all these great ideas swimming around in my head but not taking the first step. Once again I have gained more inspiration from your writings and feel blessed that I am able to visit you virtually every few days.
    The volunteer work will be so rewarding and of course the garden; well that will bring joys of its own. Have a lovely day Lily.
    Blessings Gail

  • February 1, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    wow!! Thank you, June–I’m so inspired! I am so over my lame attempts to figure out how much yarn I’ve spun . . .

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