As corny as it sounds, I found myself exclaiming to Julian – upon his arrival home from work to find a Romney/Corriedale fleece spread out across the kitchen table and no sign of supper – how lucky we are as humans that the planet provided us with these extraordinarily wonderful animals and that we were cunning enough to put them to such good use!  Wool and milk – two of my essentials :-)

:: pre-wash ::

Yes, today Abby went back to school for Year 10 – YEAR 10 – double digits!  She’s halfway through high school.  Only three years left.  I’m in shock.  Don’t really know why – after helping usher/drag hundreds of girls through school in my former life, I know it all comes to an end ridiculously quickly.  They arrive as wee little girls and leave, a blink of the eyelid later, as young women.  Oy!

:: enjoying a therapeutic soak ::

So, for hors douvres – and to distract my mind from an empty home – I enjoyed a coffee at the Forth Brother (no that’s not misspelled) – an understatedly funky cafe up the street with lovely coffee and a wee table in the window that’s perfect for one and her knitting needles.

:: through the kitchen window & before the manic afternoon storm hit ::

Then home for the entree – finish off the bluey-green stuff.   I finished spinning the fleece, plied the second hank, washed both hanks – they looked so marvellously seaweedy in the bathtub – and then hung them for drying – still drying.

:: oh my – so beautiful – & oh the scent – I can just bury my face in it ::

For mains … out came the Romney/Corriedale fleece the kind women at the guild picked out for me – plenty of kink and lots of lanolin to make for easy spinning.  Oooooh – they were right!  It smells gorgeous – really sheepy – and my fingers glisten whilst I spin.  You can almost see the drops of lanolin on the yarn as it twists.

:: flicking a basketful – not on the tablecloth ::

It . was . so . nice .  Made that other stuff pale into insignificance.  I spun for hours. Hours! Bliss!  The only thing that made me stop (well, apart from picking the girlie up from school) was a very tired leg and slightly stiff shoulders.  I’ll have to practice with my left leg, so as to share the pain.  At the moment, it’s a very stupid left leg that simply cannot get the message.  All it does is shove the spinning wheel across the floor.  Useless.

:: filled & waiting for its twin ::

And for dessert, a lovely squish onto the sofa with my Stevenson Sweater from the wonderful Kate Davies and her beautiful new book (Colours of Shetland).  I finished the golden ribbed band whilst on holidays – but didn’t have my 2.75mm circular needle to continue – so tonight, I finally began the lovely, simple fair isle pattern of the body.  Looking at Kate’s lovely photos with a real Stevenson lighthouse (and may I recommend this book – fantastic read if you too were bewitched by those childhood stories of lighthouses and smugglers and terrible storms), I easily imagined myself back at the Green Cape Lighthouse.  I’ll have to finish this Stevenson Sweater before visiting next, just so Abby can take photos of me in my Stevenson Sweater at our local Scottish lighthouse :-).

:: fine rows – slow progress – absolutely delightful ::

Now, I shall go to bed, completely sated.  God bless wool.


yet still more from those blessed sheep

2 thoughts on “yet still more from those blessed sheep

  • February 1, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Children grown up entirely too fast for my liking. The years seem to whiz by when you are an adult, but take forever when you’re a kid. Why is that? I love your knitting and spinning. You are very clever :-)

  • February 2, 2013 at 12:45 am

    And don’t you look lovely in your new cardigan! I love to look at blogs from your part of the world as winter bears down where I live (-22 this morning with snow). I guess it’s a case of what you don’t have is always more appealing. Thanks for the eye candy and I’ll get back to my self striping socks.

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